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The most out of your


GMA's philosophy is reflected in the remarkable after sales service & spare parts for all the equipment represented by us. We have a strong team of qualified and well-trained professionals in the field of service and spare parts.


We offer our customers a wide range of focused technical training for your staff and we constantly train and up-grade the qualifications of our own technicians and engineers to be able to tackle the most complex and difficult service and repair work.

We assure maintaining your vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition over its lifetime.
To prevent breakdowns with unplanned downtime of your vehicle, preventative vehicle maintenance, component repairs, and vehicle inspections are foreseen.

Your benefits of effective maintenance are:

  • Reduced overall maintenance and operating costs due to fewer vehicle breakdowns

  • Improved vehicle fuel consumption

  • Increased customer satisfaction due to consistent on-time deliveries

  • Enhanced vehicle residual value

  • Reduced risk of vehicle downtime

  • Increased driver safety and improves their working environment

Our best in class service covers all related information and products for inspection, maintenance, and repair.

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Genuine parts and accessories ensure reliability

You'll never have to wait long for spare parts for any of our machines and equipment.

Make use of genuine spare parts. Genuine parts ensure that your machine meets the same specification as it did when new - and our parts team is dedicated to keeping our equipment up and running. Our central warehouse supports every customer across the UAE, ensuring that we carry a comprehensive inventory of parts for all equipment supplied and supported  by us. 

For any difficulties in finding your correct parts, please contact us. Our technical support teams are ready to assist in vehicle technical queries and in any warranty topics.

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Spare Parts & Service Enquiry
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Spare Parts & Service Enquiry
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