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Metal Refuse Containers

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Synonymous with high professionalism and reliability. Metal refuse containers for standard and industrial collection. 

The steel takes form, high professionalism and innovation - Vetroplast: a clean name

Vetroplast Products

Security, Quality, Hygiene and Robustness: Vetroplast containers are indestructible. Vetroplast put at the service of Ecology their ten-year knowledge, the high quality of used materials and the constantly updated technology. Vetroplast deal directly with design and then later realise internally the moulds and the final product. The type of products are those the market required nowadays, they are regulated through UNI legislation and range from standard to selected refuse of any kind.

The range of containers includes both those side-loading (for single-operator trucks) and those back- loading, depending on the system preferred by the customer and the country of destination. Available in the hot-zincing by immersion version or pre hot-zincing and then painted. Painting are realised with polyester powder dried in the oven. All the types are realised both in the standard collection version and with special large opening for the introduction of the materials intended for selective collection.

The containers to selective collection are realised for specific requirements of refuse collection and recycling. The containers are characterized by a design which makes them appropriate for urban environment. Vetroplast realise containers to industrial refuse collection suitable at the movement with forklifts, thanks to the presence of special holes at the base for the insertion of forks.

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