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Runway Rubber Removal

Welcome to the future of high-pressure water technology. Whether for removing rubber abrasion on the touch-down zone, for the removal of markings or for other cleaning and marking removal applications

With our ultra-high pressure water technology, you’ll achieve cleaning results that will convince you, no matter whether you want to remove coatings from the surface or you want to clean the soiled substrate. The floor covering is clean and almost dry immediately after cleaning, because the dissolved dirt from the floor coating is immediately vacuumed off. Further processing or immediate use of the cleaned floor is possible, which means that long waiting times or closure of the area are no longer necessary. The traffic-lines twister or duo twister cleans the soiled substrate without using chemicals – simply through the effect of maximum water pressure. Clean surfaces using up to 3,500 bar on a working width of over 3.10 m – alternatively, depending on the model, even up to 4.20 m – without damaging the floor covering. Thanks to continuous blasting with maximum water pressure, the cleaning result produces a uniform cleaning pattern without the usual streaking that is common when using conventional solutions.

The traffic-lines modular system
Modular. Flexible. Innovative.

Traffic-Lines Twister Duo.png
Twister Duo.png

Our traffic-lines twister high-pressure water system is perfectly suited for cleaning surfaces with a width of 30–50 cm. With the traffic-lines twister, marking removal work or the removal of the substrate is faster, saves water and deployable in a cost-effective fashion. The traffic-lines twister is most effective when marking removal paint, thermoplastics, film and cold plastic agglomerates. Thanks to its modular design, the traffic-lines twister can be flexibly adapted to its conditions of use and is thus versatile in its usage.

Traffic-Lines System.png

Thanks to its modular design, the traffic-lines duo twister also adapts to your needs.  With various additional modules, your traffic-lines duo twister can be individually expanded to your required performance and desired capacity.  You can extend the performance range of your vehicle by adding for instance the traffic-lines water loop module, an extra water tank, diesel tank or additional cleaning elements such as disc or roller brushes.

Retrofitting is also possible at any time, so that your ultra-high pressure water system can always remain at the cutting edge of development and be adapted to individual operating conditions.

Traffic-Lines Water Loop.png
Traffic-Lines-Water Loop range.jpg

One step further towards perfect cleaning results is our traffic-lines duo twister. With an uninterrupted working width of up to 4.20 m, it’s ideally suited for the removal of rubber abrasion on runways. We offer you at least 6.5 hours of use, so that you can clean large areas of up to 5,000 square metres per hour.

You benefit from powerful and low-maintenance high-pressure pumps, an optional infinitely variable height adjustment with a distance between floor covering and extraction of only 20 to 60 mm, and state-of-the-art monitoring technology. You only need one driver per vehicle for the use of traffic-lines duo twister. This allows you to clean even more efficiently and faster.

Traffic-Lines Dynamic Twister.png
Dynamic Twister.png

But that’s not all: thanks to the patented annular clearance suction, you get maximum and residue-free cleaning results. Loose rubber particles are extracted even before the use of the ultra-high pressure water jets begins. In contrast to conventional cleaning systems, the water jet hits the floor directly. No waterlogging occurs, and cleaning can take place in a way that covers the floor and conserves resources. The cleaned surface is almost dry and can immediately be put back into operation or worked further. The height of the cleaning nozzles above the surface can be adjusted electrically by the driver during operation, meaning that they can thus react optimally to unevenness, such as landing fires. The driver has full access and control at all times through the traffic-lines controller system.


Thanks to our optional traffic-lines water loop water treatment system, you can save yourself the time-consuming filling of water tanks and can extend the operating time of a cleaning vehicle to an entire day shift of 6.5 hours. Clean up to 5,000 sqm/h with only one unit through uninterrupted use of our innovative maximum water pressure system. Regular draining of dirty water is also no longer necessary, as the water circuit ensures almost complete water recirculation. The optionally offered traffic-lines water loop water treatment system increases the performance of your vehicle many times over, and by the modular use of additional water tanks, you can extend the working hours of your traffic-lines duo twister even longer.

You’re able to work more efficiently and protect the environment at the same time, as our traffic-lines duo twister uses significantly less fresh water. This is fed via a high-pressure pump into the extraction hood and dissolves the dirt. Directly during the cleaning process the dirty water is sucked up again and collected in the dirty water tank. A filter system then cleans the water so thoroughly that it is ready for further use via the fresh water tank. In this way you benefit from our innovative energy in every phase of your work.

This means that the areas of application for your traffic-lines twister and duo twister are many and varied: whether for rubber abrasion on the touch-down zone, for cleaning open-pored asphalt or for removing road contamination and for marking removal: with traffic-lines’ solutions, you gain a financial advantage and upgrade your cleaning and marking removal from an environmental point of view as well.

Sounds interesting?

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