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High Pressure Washers

Welcome to the future of high-pressure water technology 

A complete
product range
for High Pressure Washers

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Welcome to the future of high pressure water technology. Whether for removing rubber abrasion on the touch down zone, removing markings or for other cleaning and demarking applications on runways and tunnel washing, etc.

Traffic-Lines Duo Twister is ideally suited for the removal of rubber abrasion on runways. Traffic-Lines offer dynamic twister for marking removal work or the removal of the substrate is faster, saves water and deployable in a cost-effective fashion.

MunicipalTech range of high pressure washers are efficient, innovative and long-lasting products such as tunnel washer systems and tunnel washer arms of different types and sizes. The multipurpose water module, used with high, medium and low-pressure pumps is a simple and extremely efficient system to face and to solve in a shorter time any cleaning necessity.

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