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Street Washers

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MunicipalTech's multipurpose water module, used with high, medium and low-pressure pumps is a simple and extremely efficient system to face and to solve in a shorter time any cleaning necessity. 

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Multi-purpose Water Modules

High Pressure Street washers that can be installed in the front or at the back of the trucks. 

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Lateral Spray Bar

(Hydraulic Lift & Moving)

Front Spry Bar Width 2300mm with High Pressure Nozzles. Nr.2 Lateral Spray Bar (Telescopic, One each on left & right) Width 800 mm with Hydraulic Moving)

Multipurpose water modules and road cleaning equipment

Our range of multipurpose water modules are designed for:

  • Spraying green areas;

  • Transport of undrinkable water for different uses;

  • Wash and sanitize public places (public toilets, subways, tunnels, etc.);

  • Wash shelters for public use (e.g. Bus stop);

  • Wash and disinfect the containers for collecting garbage, such as baskets, SRU bins, bins for recycling;

  • Spread herbicides and disinfect the green areas from insects and pests;

  • Cleaning and washing of urban roads, pedestrian pathways, parking areas, etc.

  • Spreading de-icing solution in order to prevent ice;

  • Dust suppression & dust control methods (PM10) by dissolving in water of a particular ecological agriculturally derived product.


This road cleaning machinery equipped with high-pressure pumps and the custom-made lances can be used to extinguish small intensity fires.

The multipurpose water modules equipped with high pressure pumps can be used to clean painted walls or walls with graffiti or to wash the sewage pipes CANAL-JET.

Other uses of our road cleaning equipment equipped with high pressure pumps:

  • clean painted walls or walls with graffiti

  • hydrodynamic cleaning of the sewage pipes CANAL-JET

Main features, Power source, framework and tanks

  • All modules can be operated through the multipurpose water system (PTO/HYDRAULIC) of the vehicle on which they are installed, or by means of a gasoline, diesel or electric auxiliary engine.

  • The tanks, in  fiberglass or AISI type 304/316 stainless steel, are housed in special steel frames designed and manufactured according to the dimensions of the vehicle on which they should be installed.

  • Each tank is equipped with an internal breakwater system in order to avoid oscillations of the vehicle while driving it. The tanks are also equipped with an external bubble/liquid level indicator, ball valve pipe coupling for the emptying and filling process. The tanks of the “AIB” wildfire fighting modules are equipped with a multiple suction system that enables the liquid suction even when the vehicle is on a sloped surface.

For further information on our range of multipurpose water modules and road cleaning equipment and for custom-made offers please do not hesitate to directly contact us or fill in the attached form!

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