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GM955 Mechanical Sweeper

6 m³ Mechanical Sweeper supported by vacuum 


6 m3 mechanical sweeper supported by vacuum that combines the best of both worlds. This combined collection system is based on brooms conveying the dirt towards the cleaning path in the central area of the machine. The central cylindrical broom loads it on a mechanical elevator by rotating it in the opposite direction of the sweeper’s movement. Total dust suppression is obtained through the combination of the abovementioned system with the depression inside the container, generated by a powerful suction fan. This action ensures maximum cleaning efficiency. A series of filters located inside the waste container filter the air before releasing it in the atmosphere. The GM 955 can collect bulky material at high sweeping speed as well, unlike the vacuum sweepers based on suction system only. The use of water on the broom is minimized or eliminated completely. It can be used in any weather conditions, all year round.

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GM955 is EUnited PM 10 Certified

Green Machines GM955 has been tested and certified according to the EUnited PM10-Test for Road Sweepers and European Standard EN15429-3: 2015 Sweepers.
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GM955 Technical Specifications

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Accessories & upgrades

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Strong, powerful and durable all year round, anywhere you need it. Ideal for cities, airports, heavily polluted areas, deserts, industrial areas and many other places all around the world. With a net hopper that is 10% larger than that of its nearest competitor, the 955 is more efficient than anything else present on the market.

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